A Pair of Undyed Cotton Sashiko Stitched "Mittens"

$55.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
each glove: 8 3/4" x 5", 22 cm x 12.75 cm 

This unusual pair of undyed cotton "mittens" is beautifully sashiko stitched.  Presumably these mittens were never worn, as there is no indication of wear--and as a pencil guide line can be seen drawn onto the cotton base cloth; this guide line is meant to distinguish the unstitched area from the stitched area.

Most likely these mittens were destined to be dyed, but they somehow haven't been.  Their intended use is unclear.  In old Japan these kind of hand coverings were used in different trades and in work on farms--as well, firemen also wore sashiko stitched hand coverings, so maybe these were going to put into service in a fire company.

In any case, they are a curious and interesting pair of gloves from old Japan, they are in mint condition, they are beautifully stitched and they are well-designed.

Just lovely.

A Pair of Undyed Cotton Sashiko Stitched "Mittens"