A Pair of Stenciled Paper "Envelopes": Squirrels and Grapes

$20.00 USD

early twentieth century
each: 14 1/4" x 9 1/2", 36 cm x 24 cm

This a pair of stenciled, paper "envelopes" or sorts, the repeat pattern stenciled on each one is that of highly stylized squirrels and grapes, a motif borrowed from China and seen from time to time in Japanese design and on textiles.

Each of these envelopes is machine stitched around three of its sides with exception of a small length on the short side which is not stitched and left open. One of the long sides is a folded so that side is not stitched.

One of the two envelopes, the one pictured on the right is decidedly more scuffed and dirty and the other, and an attempt to show this detail can be seen on the accompanying photographs.

An intriguing object with an unknown purpose, this paper could be cut along the seams and opened in order to almost double the width noted in the dimensions above.

A Pair of Stenciled Paper "Envelopes": Squirrels and Grapes