A Pair of Shibori Fragments: Faded Beauties

$35.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
each: 12"  x 12", 30.25 cm x 30.25 cm

This is a lovely pair of hand woven, cotton shibori fragments, each of which is faded and worn from use, but each of which is still just gorgeous to look at.

Each shows a dominant, wide, vertical striping, the result, it seems from a kind of pleating before dyeing.

One fragment shows a rather regular, soft blue vertical, wide striping which plays against the bolder stripes which dominate the piece.  The other shows a six-sided floral form, sekka or snowflower, which is dyed using the itajime or clamp dyed technique.

A really beautiful--and rather unusual--pair of old shibori.


A Pair of Shibori Fragments: Faded Beauties