A Pair of Sashiko Stitched Hand Guards: Akita Prefecture

$88.00 USD

**reduced from $110.00**
mid twentieth century
each: 16" x 5 1/4", 40.5 cm x 13.25 cm

If one ever has the opportunity to do research on rural life in old Japan, one will find that a de rigueur aspect of almost every farm woman's set of work clothing is hand or arm guards-- which is exactly what this pair of indigo dyed cotton sleeves were intended to be used for.  As they have come to us now, they are seemingly unused.

The pair is composed of two simple sheaths of dark-colored indigo cotton which are hand stitched.  Two small bright red loops are hand stitched to the top of each guard while the area which would have laid on top of each hand is embroidered in white sashiko stitching, each guard terminating in a little white tassel of string.  There is a crudely stitched geometric decoration in the center, bottom of each piece.

These hand guards are said to have been made in Akita prefecture which makes perfect sense if you are able to look at other farm clothing from that region, which are similar in the color of their indigo and the spare, white stitched decoration.

A wonderful, tangible piece of old Japan.