A Pair of Rustic Shin Guards: Sashiko Stitched

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
each hand guard: 5 1/12" x 12 1/4", 14 cm x 31 cm

This is a pair of shin guards (or possibly wrist/arm guards) that are completely sashiko stitched from one loom width of white cotton.

The very interesting feature of these guards is the decorative stitching. On each of the shin guards there is a central block of geometric patterns, interlocking diamonds, done in dark blue cotton thread. Each of these central blocks is flanked by two vertical rows of stitched blue lines.

There is a good deal of wear to these shin guards in the form of ingrained dirt and what seems to be bleeding from a dye used to color the blue threads. These have been thoroughly washed in an attempt to remove the discoloration but only a bit was washed away and what we see here is now set into the cloth.

In order to secure these guards around the lower part of the leg a tie has been hand stitched to the center of each of the guards.

This kind of accessory was worn for work in Japan in order to protect exposed parts of the body to abrasion and injury. 

This is a particularly interesting version of shin guards for the mere fact that they are decoratively stitched with such a beautiful pattern.

Recommended: this kind of thing is rare to find.