A Pair of Patched Cotton "Bloomers": Western Style Clothing

$45.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
as shown: 17" x 23 3/4", 43 cm x 60 cm

This is a crazy little garment which is made from machine loomed cotton that is bound at the waist and the leg openings by elastic--and which is heavily mended with cotton patches and intense sashiko stitching within the patches.

Because this was found in a group of many identical ones, this pair of flouncy short-shorts was thought to have come from a school and, as such, is thought to have been used as part of a girl's gym uniform.   Very odd, it is true, but this shows how the Japanese were inveterate repair-ers and that no item of clothing, no matter how humble, was not treated with care.  

A super-unusual boro garment, not to everyone's liking to be sure, but a real curiosity and a 

A Pair of Patched Cotton "Bloomers": Western Style Clothing