A Pair of Heavily Embroidered Cotton Trousers: Yao People

$345.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
waist, side to side: 22", 56 cm
length, waist to hem: 30 1/4", 77 cm

This lavishly embroidered pair of trousers is hand stitched from hand spun, hand woven indigo dyed cotton.

The trousers are made by the Yao people, an ethnic group that lives in the mountainous border areas of China, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

This pair of trousers is luxuriously embroidered with cotton thread and it is expertly stitched. Both face and back of the dense designs are almost identical in quality and precision.

The embroidered areas are wide and in unbroken condition. They are simply beautiful--amazingly so.

There is a super-big gusset of hand woven, hand loomed indigo cotton between the trouser legs which allows for a lot of room and range of motion but also gives a skirt-like appearance to the pants.

Pore over the attached images to see the hand stitched beauty of these old trousers which are made even more special by their base cloth of hand spun cotton.

For their age these trousers are in almost perfectly (if not entirely) intact condition with no noticeable stains, tears, frays or loose threads.