A Pair of Edo Period Hemp Trousers: Momohiki

$100.00 USD

ca. early to mid nineteenth century
as shown: 27" x 34", 68.5 cm x 86.25 cm

This is a pair of beautifully dyed momohiki or trousers which are entirely hand stitched from very good, hand plied and hand woven hemp cloth.  This pair of traditional trousers are said to date to the late Edo period, which corresponds to the middle of the nineteenth century.

The trousers are a dull, grey-green-slightly blue color, probably the result of indigo being overdyed with a yellow dyestuff.  They are shown inside-out to afford a view of the patching and reinforcement which was done using both hand woven indigo dyed hemp and cotton patches, five in all. 

The waist band or tie is indigo dyed, hand woven cotton.  The pair of trousers is entirely hand stitched, as can be clearly seen in the photos here.

In very good condition, and showing excellent quality cloth, this pair of traditional, antique momohiki are a wonderful piece of old Japan.


A Pair of Edo Period Hemp Trousers: Momohiki