A Pair of Boro Tattsuke: Traditional Work Trousers

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
as shown: 34" x 21", 86.25 cm x 53.25 cm

This is a pair of machine stitched, hand and machine mended, boro tattsuke, a type of traditional work pants worn in old Japan.

The indigo dyed cotton cloth which is used to make these trousers is obviously recycled from an older garment, most likely a kimono.  

What is interesting about these work pants are the "Western" touches: the applied pocket (traditional Japanese garments do not have pockets) and the series of darts or tucks which are placed just around the waist line.

As can easily be seen by looking at the accompanying photographs, each side, outside and inside, of this pair of pants is interesting.  The proper outside shows some nice mending and the aforementioned pocket, while the inside shows more obvious mending in the form of hand stitched patches.

Note there is a slight tear to the seam which joins the top of the pants to the long tape which secures the pants in shape.  This is easily fixed if you decide to acquire these to wear.

A wonderful and unusual pair of work clothing from old Japan.


A Pair of Boro Tattsuke: Traditional Work Trousers