A Pair of Boro Short Momohiki: Beautiful Stitching

$95.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
as shown: 16" x 36", 40.5 cm x 91.5 cm

Momohiki are a style of wrap-around, tight fitting work trousers that were worn in all areas of Japan.

This is a pair of heavily stitched and patched indigo dyed cotton boro momohiki which would have been  worn with a hanten or noragi, a typical work coat.  As may or may not be noticeable from the photos which accompany this post, the cotton is hand woven from hand spun cotton yarns and the indigo is quite faded from light.

The density of sashiko stitched mending on the trousers indicates the areas of most wear, and it is really beautifully realized.  The bottom portion of each of the legs is missing, which may be a result of necessity, or of happenstance.

A lovely pair of old work trousers, a type of which were ubiquitous in old Japan.