A Pair of Beautifully Boro Hemp Momohiki: Asagi Patches

$145.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
as shown, approximately: 36" x 26", 91.5 cm x 66 cm

As is fairly clear by perusing the images of this pair of boro momohiki--a traditional, tight-fitting legging--these momohiki are exceptional for their pale tones of undyed hemp and asagi or light blue cotton.  Simply gorgeous.

The momohiki are very repaired, as can be seen by the many photos on this posting.  Large, light blue cotton patches are beautifully stitched to the base of undyed hemp--pore through the accompany photos to see the variety of stitches that are used to fasten the patches to the momohiki; it is a fascinating, visual tour to see the blue cotton and undyed hemp threads that are used to stitch the patches.  

Note as well the complex construction of the momohiki; momohiki typically are stitched from a complicated pattern, this faceted pattern allowing for the pants to wrap around the body.

As well, pay attention to the holes and loss to the bottom of the pants which are amply illustrated here.  For a quick tutorial on how momohiki are worn, turn your attention to this website, here.

Very recommended.

A Pair of Beautifully Boro Hemp Momohiki: Asagi Patches