A Padded, Repaired Bib Apron: Two Distinct Sides

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
27 1/2" x 19", 69.85 cm x 48.25 cm

This bib apron-shaped garment is padded with cotton wadding and shows two very distinct sides, both presumably recycled from cotton cloth.

The proper back of the garment is made of pieces of hand spun, hand woven, indigo dyed cotton: as can be easily seen there is a beautifully shaped, large and long repair which has something of an artfully dramatic effect.

The front of the apron shows a commercially printed cotton cloth whose design merges geometry and flower motifs with a background that has a kind of visual texture. There are small stains, almost unnoticeable, which are shown on the detail photo here.

Although this looks like an apron it could have been a chest protector garment called a muneate. As mentioned above it is stuffed with cotton batting and it also seems to have a core of a paper--this observation is judging from the crinkling noise the muneate makes when it is touched and folded.

This is a lovely rustic, hand made work garment and one with a great deal of interest, bot in looking at it and also in thinking of who wore it--and for what purpose.