A Padded, Pieced Cotton Vest: Recycled Cottons

$75.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
26 1/2" x 16 1/2" (shoulder to shoulder), 67 cm x 42 cm (shoulder to shoulder)

This is a good-sized, very sturdy, well-padded vest which is completely hand stitched from many pieces of re-used cottons.  

The exterior of the vest is a very narrow striped cotton, dark in color, the stripes being deep indigo and golden brown.  The side gussets, also narrow stripes, are indigo.

Note the wonderful decoration on the top, back of the padded vest: two opposing triangles of checked cotton are neatly placed to create a decorative element, the same motif is repeated on the lining.

The lining is hand stitched from several tones of pale, bright blue and is also made of recycled cotton: note the interesting mending stitches to the inside of the vest.

This vest, in the form we see it here, seems not to have been worn hard at all--if at all.  It is still quite wearable and durable, and the cotton is still strong.

A lovely garment from old Japan.

A Padded, Pieced Cotton Vest: Recycled Cottons