A Nicely Worn Short Sleeved Jacket: Indigo Dyed Kasuri

$60.00 USD

**reduced from $75.00**
mid twentieth century
29" x 35", 73.5 cm x 89 cm

This is a well-worn, indigo dyed kasuri jacket which is completely hand stitched with some seams unraveling around the sleeve areas, shown on the accompanying detail photographs.

The cloth shows an overall patina from wear, also shown in detail here: the wear patterns and the light fading on the back of the jacket illustrate this very well. Also there is some wear to the collar and other areas of the jacket, not surprising given its age.

It is a pleasant-looking coat that was clearly used as every day wear in old Japan, most likely as a work coat, worn while engaging in work out of doors.

A charming jacket from old Japan.