A Nicely Worn Resist Dyed Happi: Lovely Lining

$195.00 USD

mid twentieth century
37" x 50", 94 cm x 127 cm

This a really charming, large, indigo dyed resist is a happi, a kind of uniformĀ coat that was produced in great numbers to be worn by a unified group. In this case, it seems that this was worn by a group of youth performers in Hamanaka, Kagura.

The well-worn coat shows a good patina from wear as well as a nice patch on the shoulder; the coat is machine stitched. The coat is fully lined.

The emblem or mon that repeats on the coat is a design called tomoe and is often seen in Japanese art and craft.

The lining of this coat, also nicely worn shows a stylized crowded pine forest--and please pay attention to the detail photos attached here where flaws and small stains to the coat are shown.

A really lovely coat--and still very wearable.