A Nicely Patched Cotton Boro Length: Woven Stripes

$65.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
73" x 13 1/2", 185.5 cm x 34 cm 

This is a really beautiful length of hand woven, indigo dyed striped cotton which has been mended over time.  This length was culled from a futon cover.

The base color is a very deep indigo; this base is punctuated by pale blue and drab taupe warp-directional stripes.  The surface is repaired and shows about eight, individual patches, each hand stitched to the surface.

Note that on the proper, right hand side the selvedge area shows a series of small holes which are illustrated on the accompanying photographs.  As well, there is a small, coin-sized hole to the lower, right-hand edge of the boro cloth.

A subtle beauty, and one with age and character.

A really lovely piece from old Japan.

A Nicely Patched Cotton Boro Length: Woven Stripes