A Narrow Sakiori Obi: Color Blocks

$45.00 USD

mid twentieth century
100" x 5", 254 cm x 12.75 cm

This is a handsomely colored and woven narrow sakiori obi, or a rustic, traditional kimono sash that is woven using shredded cloth as its weft yarn.

The warp yarns on this obi are of fine, white cotton which are quite plentiful. The weft yarns are fed in blocks of white, purple, maize and brick orange--and please note the faint stain to the piece and some surface scuffing. On the reverse side, not shown, is a reddish colored stain which is not visible from this front side.  

This is a lovely obi and one that is a lovely textile from old Japan.


A Narrow Sakiori Obi: Color Blocks