A Multi-Patterned Ro Silk Juban: Repurposed Kimono Sampler

$245.00 USD

mid to late twentieth century
53" x 49 1/2", 134.5 cm x 125.5 cm

This is a silk juban or under kimono that is hand stitched from a kimono seller or dyer's sample roll called a mihon. The type of silk used to make the mihon is a kind of perforated or open-weave silk called ro which was used on summer kimono.

The many different shades of blue, blue-lavender and lavender used on these patterns is interesting because they are cooling to the eye and therefore very suited for summer kimono. 

The juban shows at least 25 different patterns, probably more, and it is a fascinating garment to pore over in order to discover different designs and their variations.

Ro silk is very slippery and drapey so this undergarment is unstructured because of it.

Just beautiful.