A Multi-Colored Boro Panel: Lightweight Cottons

$80.00 USD

mid twentieth century
50"  x 40", 127 cm x 101.5 cm 

This off-square, piece-constructed cotton collage is composed of fifteen separate pieces of commercially loomed, lightweight cottons.  Most likely this was the lining or the backing of another piece, judging from its construction, the signs of wear to the cloth and its dimensions.

What is striking about it is its color--the tones of blues and purples, the ochre center, the dull purple patch--are all distributed in just the proper amount and placed in just the right spot to create a beautifully composed "work of art."  Strange to think that whomever made this piece had no clue that we, generations later, would isolate this utilitarian cloth and admire it for its aesthetic appeal.

As mentioned above the cottons are lightweight.  The piece is entirely hand stitched, and the entire thing is simply beautiful, in the truest sense of the word.

An unexpected beauty.

A Multi-Colored Boro Panel: Lightweight Cottons