A Molded Figure of Tenjin San: Scholar's Patron

$80.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
6" x 6" x 2 1/4", 15 cm x 15 cm x 5.5 cm

This charming, molded clay hand painted folk sculpture depicts the Shinto god of scholarship called Tenjin who is the deification of a Heian Period (794-1185) scholar, poet and politician, Sugawara no Michizane.

Tenjin is a popular presence in Japan as he is appealed to for help mostly by students and especially before exams. There are shrines built to Tenjin in Japan and more than likely this small figure was sold at the shrine as a souvenir or a good luck charm.

Please note a good amount of abrasion and wear to the surface of the piece which lends it charm and interest.

Delightful, and it would make a wonderful gift for a student friend, especially one applying for university entrance.

A Molded Figure of Tenjin San: Scholar's Patron