A Miura Shibori Yukata: Wearable

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mid twentieth century
50 1/2" x 52", 128 cm x 132 cm

This is a beautiful, indigo dyed cottonĀ yukata which was dyed using the miura shibori technique, in this case the miura pattern is all-over and of very small scale, creating a mist-like effect on the body of this unlined summer kimono.

The yukata is made of lightweight, commercially loomed cotton and because the ample-sized sleeves are closed at the back, we can tell this was meant for a man. Anyone, of course, can wear this garment whose dimensions, noted above, read in this order: from shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip.

Overall the garment is in good, used condition with the exception of a horizontal band of exceedingly faint discoloration in the middle, back, left-side of the piece, almost unable to be seen and shown on the detail photos attached, again, almost completely unnoticeable. There is a small cluster of tiny stains, also shown in detail.

A wonderfully wearable yukata with a beautiful shibori pattern which was no doubt dyed in Japan's shibori dyeing "capital," Arimatsu.


A Miura Shibori Yukata: Wearable