A Miura Shibori Han Juban: Dark Indigo Color

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
33 1/2" x 27", 85 cm x 68.5 cm

This dark beauty is a han juban, or a half under kimono.  It is made of indigo cotton which is dyed in the miura shibori technique, a pattern that appears as dark splotches.

In order to achieve the rich, dark color of this garment, the commercially loomed cotton was first dyed a medium toned blue, and then it was shibori dyed, again in indigo, to achieve the dark, overall pattern.

The color and the shibori patterning are rich and delicious.  The collar piece, as can be seen in the accompanying photographs, is a pale, indigo-dyed cotton which shows a repair to the shoulder area which adjoins it.  There is a weak length of stitching to the center, back seam which is of no consequence if this piece is to be displayed, but if it is worn, it may use a bit of stitching to reinforce it.

A simple and gorgeous, traditional garment from old Japan.


A Miura Shibori Han Juban: Dark Indigo Color