A Mid Century Shinto Ema #2: Votive Plaque

$28.00 USD

mid to late twentieth century
4 3/8" x 6 3/4", 11 cm x 17 cm

This is an ema.  An ema is a votive tablet offered by an individual to a Shinto temple either in petition for a favor or in thanks for a favor received.  Some ema can be very large and hand painted.  They can depict battle scenes, sailing ships or other elaborate images.  

Ko ema, such as this one, are small votives which are mass-produced to be bought by visitors to a shrine.  Anyone who has been to a Shinto shrine in Japan has seen crowded racks containing hundreds of ema not dissimilar from this one.

This particular ema seems to be photo silk screened on to a piece of light weight wood and it depicts two resting dogs, contentedly affectionate with each other.  The meaning of this image is not known.

A delightful object that embodies both playfulness and solemnity.


A Mid Century Shinto Ema #2: Votive Plaque