A Meiji era Temple Banner: Beautiful Calligraphy to Kannon

$245.00 USD

Meiji era, 1868-1912
45" x 12", 114.5 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a brown colored cotton nobori or banner with absolutely beautiful handwriting. The nobori was displayed in a Buddhist temple.

The writing is in honor of and deference to Kannon as the written phrase reads namu kanzeon bosatsu or "I place my trust in Bodhisattva Kannon." 

It is not necessary to describe the beauty and powerful visual impact of the written words and their placement on this length of cloth--what a stunning visual treat!

Clearly this banner hung in a temple for quite some time as can be noted by the staining and the discoloration and holes to the bottom of the length. No doubt this darkening of the cloth came from candle smoke and incense--it seems, however, as stated above that the cloth itself was already dyed a brown tone and the deep shading on the bottom are the result of exposure.

A slim bamboo holds the length; the top, right hand part of the cloth has slightly pulled away from the bamboo.

This is wonderful and beautiful to behold--such power in the force of writing and in the words the characters form.


A Meiji era Temple Banner: Beautiful Calligraphy to Kannon