A Marvelous Reversible Boro Kimono: Bold Patching

$750.00 USD

mid twentieth century
44" x 47", 111.75 cm x 119.5 cm

This is a truly marvelous cotton boro kimono from the mid-twentieth century. It is one that is visually strong front, back, and inside--and it can be worn or displayed as shown in the lead photo here where there is a beautiful clashing of patterns and scale, or if turned inside-out where there is an indigo dyed cotton base, as shown in accompanying photos.

The proper outside of the coat is a mash-up of all different types of cottons, from large-scale kasuri to smaller versions; stripes and plaids of different sizes; a cotton velvet collar. The visual boldness in contrast to the subtlety is really fantastic and one is hard-pressed to find an area that is not worthy of consideration.

Likewise, the proper inside, with its indigo base and its bright cotton mending patches is a joy to behold and one that has a similarly exciting visual presence to the proper outside.

Right now it is very, very difficult to find a boro kimono of such integrated, complex beauty as this one, even harder to find one like this in the good, used condition that this one is.

Very, very recommended.