A Many Layered Cotton Boro Mat: Two Distinct Sides

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
43" x 48", 109 cm x 122 cm

This reversible, boro mat is composed of about three layers of cotton cloth which gives it a kind of "blanket" weight.

The intended original use for this mat is not clear, but it is fairly likely that it was used as a hearth cover or a kotatsugake.

A kotatsugake is a heavy, blanket-weight cloth that was draped over a heated table or kotatsu. The purpose of draping a cloth over the heater is to capture and hold in the brazier's heat so a family can gather round the table and slip their legs under the kotatsugake to stay warm.

This one is very nice looking. There are two distinct sides.

One is composed of two types of large-scale plaids while the other side is more somber as it is stitched mainly of blue cotton. As the detail photos indicate, there are areas of abrasion, there are some snags and holes, and of course the mat is patched and mended.

A good-looking, every day textile from old Japan.