A Maize Colored Rustic, Textured Obi: Rich Color Tones

$95.00 USD
mid twentieth century
106" x 6 1/2", 269 cm x 16.5 cm

This rustic obi gives the impression that it is sakiori or ragweave, but in actual fact is seems to be woven from a cotton warp with what appears to be a silk or silky yarn weft.

As can be seen on the accompanying detail photos, the obi is woven in rich, saturated tones or maize, orange, blue, green, lavender and purple. The weft is fed in regularly spaced blocks of colors and the warp yarns are black and white which create the vertically-oriented lines along the length of this obi.

The overall visual result is a length of richly colored hues.

The condition is good and used and there seems to be very little damage or wear to this piece.

Just lovely.