A Magnificent Zanshi-ori Yogi: Large Kimono Shaped Duvet

$525.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
58" x 50", 147.5 x 127

This wonderful thing is a yogi, an oversized kimono shaped duvet cover, which has been woven using leftover cotton yarns, the technique referred to as zanshi-ori.

Shown here is just the shell of the yogi: in its original state there would have been cotton wadding inside, and of course there would have been a lining, both of which have been removed.

But what we have here is really fantastic: an entire garment hand woven from leftover yarns the result being really beautiful, and the condition equally good as the beauty.  It is not often that you see a garment such as this woven from remaindered yarns. It was mentioned on our blog, here.

The color is a deep blue and white and there are a few mending patches, which can be seen on the accompanying photos.  Also, pay special attention to the detail photos so you can see in closer detail the slubby knotted yarns and the random starting-and-stopping of certain colored weft yarns as they are fed against the striped warp.

A superb yet humble thing.

Very recommended.

A Magnificent Zanshi-ori Yogi: Large Kimono Shaped Duvet