A Lovely Sashiko Stitched Apron: Tiny Mending Stitches

$85.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
26" x 25", 66 cm x 63.5 cm

This is a lovely, old maekake or apron, which is hand stitched from lovely, old woven cotton striped cloth.  The apron is two layers and as is plain to see, the two layers are held into place by the beautifully realized sashiko stitching done in white thread which is in sparkling contrast to the dull-colored base cloth.

The tie is also cotton and is made from several different pieces of old, indigo dyed blues: pay special attention to the area where the tie meets the body of the apron as you will see a slightly denser stitching there, for the purpose of strength.  Note as well small eddies of mending stitches in the body of the cloth.

In old Japan aprons were a de rigueur part of almost any outfit, and they were worn by almost all people and their forms changed according to need.

This is a particularly good example of an old, authentic maekake that was most likely actually worn in a home in old Japan.

In good condition, and recommended.

A Lovely Sashiko Stitched Apron: Tiny Mending Stitches