A Long Tsutsugaki Panel: Two Techniques

$108.00 USD

reduced from $135.00
ca. late nineteenth century
64" x 13 1/4", 162.5 cm x 33.5 cm

This is a really interesting length of indigo dyed cotton cloth.  First, the actual cotton of the cloth is fantastic: it is heavy in the hand and is hand loomed from homespun cotton.  The texture and the feel of the cotton is marvelous, and is of the kind that you hope to find in old Japanese country cloth.

This seems to be a fragment from a tsutsugaki or freehand paste resist yogi or sleeping kimono.  The large image at the top of the panel--a partial family crest, in this case stylized wood sorrel or katabami, is the focus of our interest.

Why?  Look closely at the accompanying photographs.  If you can see into the pale blue or asagi area of the wood sorrel design, you will see an over-dyed pattern of pale red faux-shibori.  Interesting, and unusual.  

Otherwise the cloth is of a beautiful, deep blue color, and the embellishment of the hand resisted hanabishi or diamond flower design at the bottom of the length is just lovely.

Note that there are about 7 mending patches hand stitched to this cloth, and there is one good-sized hole, shown in detail photos which accompany this posting.

A lovely and unusual old textile.

A Long Tsutsugaki Panel: Two Techniques