A Long Length of Boro Cotton: Futon Cover

$135.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
78" x 13", 199.5 cm x 33 cm

This long piece of boro cotton is taken from a futon cover;  the length is composed of three distinct pieces of cloth which are hand stitched together.

Each of its two sides is visually interesting as each is meticulously pieced and stitched with patches of various types of cotton: there are some good looking kasuri plaids, and a large, narrow stripes, wonderfully abraded piece of sankuzushi cloth, a kind of woven basket weave.

Look carefully at the accompanying detail photos to see how this length is attractive on both sides, and to see how rigorously stitched ane mended is this long, boro cloth.

This is one of those pieces which is much better in person.

Beautiful, subtle, and well-stitched.

A Long Length of Boro Cotton: Futon Cover