A Long Layered Boro Panel: Thick Hand Spun Indigo Dyed Cotton

$90.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
91" x 13 1/2", 231 cm x 34 cm

Often on this site when talking of old, traditional Japanese folk textiles we talk of one of the salient features of old cloth, that of ito aji or thread flavor or thread taste.  This is extremely important for the appreciation of these old, hand spun cotton textiles, and this very long, very layered and very subtle indigo dyed boro panel is rich in ito aji.

The beauty of this heavily patched, very beautifully hand loomed cotton cloth is hard to show in photographs, as so much of its beauty resides in the quality of the threads and admiring the cloth in the hand.  The length is composed of six pieces that are hand stitched together, each of which is layered and patched, the thread taste very obvious.

The length is very long and is very heavy in the hand.  This particular boro cloth is for someone who can value old Japanese textiles for their inherent beauty, and with that in mind, this piece is very recommended.

A gorgeous length of old, hand spun, hand loomed cotton.