A Long Boro Futon Cover Panel: Flour Sack Patch

$80.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
76" x 13", 193 cm x 33 cm

This length of cloth--very long--is composed of several layers--and the length shows quite a different character on it front versus its back.  As it was taken from a futon cover, you can see the three home made ties which are still attached to edge of this layered cloth.

The salient feature of this boro length is the white cotton patch which, if you look closely, was taken from a old flour sack; quite faded but still discernible is printed a fragment of the words "milling" and "company" written in English.  Really interesting.

The front of the cloth, or the proper "inside" of the futon cover, is composed of several pieces of recycled striped, old cottons, some of them worn and abraded from time; there is evidence of white sashiko stitching.

The back of the cloth, or the proper "outside" of the futon cover, shows an hand stitched arrangement of cottons, stripes and large scale plaids, that are sewn with skill and which are tightly arranged.

This panel from a futon cover is really lovely, each of its two sides is visually interesting with a character quite different from each other.