A Long Asagi Patched Hemp Length: Asa Boro

$135.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
124" x 13", 314.5 cm x 33 cm

Whatever the intended function of this long swath of indigo dyed boro asa cloth, the result is just marvelous.

This lightweight, indigo dyed hemp length is dyed in that well-known pale blue which is called asagi in Japan.  A curious addition to this hemp boro cloth is the addition of two, black-dyed circle fragments, which leads one to believe that this piece of cloth was meant to be a noren or some such item, since these over sized circles may have been part of a kamon or a family crest.

Still, it is the silky length of this old, used indigo dyed hemp cloth that is of interest: note the beautiful addition of about 9 patches to the surface, some of them being of the same cloth as the base and being sewn with hemp thread.

There are some small splits and staining to this boro length, but overall it is in fine condition.

Seen as one, continuous length--as we were unable to do here in the accompanying photos--the piece is even more beautiful.