A Lively Patched Boro Fragment: Cotton

$245.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
46" x 37", 117 cm x 94 cm

This spirited and well-patched boro textile of unusual shape is a section taken from a futon cover; the indigo dyed area of base cloth made of hand woven cotton is lightweight and threadbare--almost sheer from wear and use--in areas.

This boro cloth interesting on both its sides.

It is made basically from two patched areas of cloth that have been hand stitched together to form one large, irregularly-shaped area. The sides of the bottom half of the cloth are folded back a bit.

A flurry of many patches are applied to this cloth, the arrangement free-form and serving the purpose to reinforce the weak cloth: the result is dynamic and visually arresting.

This dynamically arranged and patched section of old cloth is in itself an unintended artwork, something with great visual appeal and a window into life in a Japan long gone.

Beautiful and surprising in its shape and details.