A Linden Fiber Boro Length: Hand Plied Shinafu

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
47" x 14 1/4", 119.5 cm x 36 cm

This is a length of patched and mended shinafu, which is a traditional Japanese bast fiber-based cloth that is woven from yarns processed from the inner bark of the linden tree.

Shinafu usually shows a copperish or reddish tone, its yarns are wiry and scratchy and often shinafu was used for utilitarian textiles because of the strength and durability of its fibers.

This length was taken from a tsunobukuro which is a type of bias-constructed bag that was used for storing and hauling of rice, grains and other goods. Shinafu is a likely fiber to use in the construction of a tsunobukuro because it is a very tough cloth and it can be used very hard. Ingrained, diagonally-oriented creases can still be detected on this length of linden fiber cloth.

The length shows a hand stitched cotton patch and several "islands" of mending done in white thread--as well, a surname is quickly stitched in white thread.  The overall condition of this collectible cloth is good, given the hard work it must have done.

This is a marvelous opportunity to own a handsome piece of collectible shinafu which has been patched and mended.