A Light Toned Sakiori Obi: Variegated Tones

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
104" x 6", 264 cm x 15 cm

This is a beautifully designed, woven and colored sakiori obi--sakiori is the Japanese word for rag woven textiles. 

This is an obi, a traditional kimono sash which, in the early-to-mid twentieth century were often woven from a rag weft to be worn with casual kimono. 

This obi is attractive for its light toned design which shows a beautifully arranged progression of colors up the length of the obi: tones of salmon, mottled white and oranges and deep brick reds and purples are set against a warp of white, grey, brown and black. This varied warp gives a striped effect to the obi.

The obi is woven with a combination of silk and cotton weft yarns.

In good, sturdy and used condition.


A Light Toned Sakiori Obi: Variegated Tones