A Length of Zanshi ori: Recycled Kasuri Warp Yarns

$85.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
55" x 13 1/4", 139.5 cm x 33.5 cm 

Zanshi ori is cloth that is woven from threads either leftover from home production of yarn making, or from broken threads that were purchased from local commercial weavers.  Usually the weft is fed with these random threads while generally the warp is regulated producing an irregular horizontal 'striping'; if home threads are used, knotted slubs can often be seen.

In the case of this length of hand loomed cotton, leftover yarns were used for both the warp (as seen on the top portion of the cloth) and for both warp and weft, the hand applied section at the very bottom of this length.

For the most part, leftover kasuri or ikat yarns were used to form aspects of the vertical striping.  On the bottom portion of this length the same warp was used, however the weft was quite messy with leftover yarns, giving it a wonderfully blurred effect.

In good condition, this length of zanshi ori is quite exemplary of this type of weaving, and in color and design it is very appealing.

A Length of Zanshi ori: Recycled Kasuri Warp Yarns