A Length of Very Sashiko Stitched Cotton: Colored Kasuri

$85.00 USD

mid twentieth century
70" x 12 3/4", 178 cm x 32.25 cm

This charming length of brightly colored plaid cotton cloth is composed of three layers which have been sashiko stitched together--the entire length of this cloth has been stitched in a grid overlaid with a network of intersecting diagonals, the stitched lines being about 1" or 2.5 cm apart from one another.

The cotton is commercially produced.  Colorful dyed cotton such as the type shown here were popular in the early-to-mid twentieth century.  For centuries in Japan cotton and hemp cloth had to be dyed in dark tones in order to comply with governmental laws which controlled the type and color of garments ordinary people were able to wear.  So when these laws were lifted and commercially produced cloth was readily available, bright colors were welcomed into the home.

The amount of sashiko stitching on this length is impressive.  It is dense overall and it is very well done.  Please note some snags and some small loss to the cotton which is shown in accompanying photos here.

Just wonderful.

A Length of Very Sashiko Stitched Cotton: Colored Kasuri