A Length of Tsutsugaki Dyed Cotton: Writhing Karakusa

$145.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
61" x 13 1/2", 155 cm x 34 cm

This boldly hand drawn and resisted tsutsugaki dyed cotton panel was probably taken from a furoshiki or a traditional wrapping cloth. The indigo dye shows as a very deep, rich tone that reads almost as a black color.

The motif shown is part of a karakusa or an arabesque design that is very popular on some tsutsugaki textiles, usually on furoshiki.

On this one panel taken from a larger piece we see the scrolling, vegetal design of the "trailing vine" image; it occupies the panel with a forceful, dynamic presence.

The cloth seems to have been used very lightly, if at all, and there seems not to be any flaws or condition issues other than it being old and slightly used.