A Length of Tsutsugaki Dyed Cotton: Two Roundels

$135.00 USD

late nineteenth century
60" x 13 1/4", 152.5 cm x 33.5 cm

This is an indigo dyed tsutsugaki panel taken from a futon cover and it shows two images designed as roundels.

Each of the images is auspicious which is not surprising: the futon cover from which this was taken was more than likely made to be included in a bridal trousseau, so the conveyance of good fortune is to be expected on such items given at such a milestone in a couple's life.

On the top we see stylized cloves and the flaming pearl, both auspicious symbols associated with Buddhism--the pearl or hoju is associated with inner vision and wisdom.  

The bottom roundel is that of the chrysanthemum which represents longevity, rejuvenation and nobility in Japanese art--and it is often offered at the Buddhist altar.

The cloth is hand spun and hand woven cotton, the indigo dye is a deep, deep blue tone.  The length is in good, used condition with hardly any wear at all.

A cloth rich in embedded meaning this would be marvelous gift to give someone special.