A Length of Tsutsugaki Dyed Cotton: Hand Spun Yarns, Bold Graphics

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
63" x 13", 160 cm x 33 cm

This length of hand spun, hand woven cotton is dyed in the tsutsugaki method--or freehand paste resist method--using two tones of natural indigo. 

At the bottom of the length we see highly stylized cherry blossom-like flowers with unusually elongated petals; a strangely drawn butterfly flutters around these blossoms.

The style of drawing used here suggests the influence of Art Nouveau whose style was widely known and adapted by many countries and cultures by the end of the 19th century--in fact Japanese design more than likely had an impact on the germination of the Art Nouveau style.

The top portion of the length is dominated by large round shapes: clearly these are part of what would have been a family crest that would have been the focus of the design when it was made up as a yogi or kimono shaped duvet.

Note the stitched mending to the bottom of the length and the sharp, small spot of staining.

A beautiful length of old tsutsugaki dyed cotton with a wonderful design presence and strong graphic appeal. In good, used condition with still bright indigo tones.