A Length of Tsutsugaki Dyed Cotton: Complex and Delicate Roundels

$365.00 USD

late nineteenth century
51" x 13", 129.5 cm x 33 cm

This is an old length of hand spun, hand woven cotton that has been dyed in the tsutsugaki method. It shows two exceptional, finely drawn roundels on the top and bottom of this panel. As the roundels are visually oriented in opposing directions it is unclear what kind of textile this has been taken from.

The top roundel show stylized pine. The bottom roundel shows stylized bamboo and plum. together these two roundels create one very popular design motif referred to as shochikubai.

Shochikubai, is the design triad of bamboo, pine and plum blossoms, which conveys good wishes.  Plum shows courage as its blossoms, the first of the year, burst forth from under ice, the bamboo is resilience since it bends but does not break and the pine is a symbol of long life and also of a faithful marriage as its needles fall in pairs.

The rendering of the shochikubai motif as seen on this panel is exceedingly good and was clearly done by a tsutsugaki artisan of great experience who has mastered this technique. The resisted lines are clear and strong and the images themselves showcase the advanced skill of the artist who made them.

There is some light fading to the piece and some overall light wear, but these details do not mar the beauty of the panel which is delicate and extremely well done.