A Length of Suji Shibori: Hand Pleated

$55.00 USD

mid twentieth century
50" x 12 3/4", 127 cm  x 32.5 cm 

What a lovely length of hand made, indigo dyed shibori.

This piece, undoubtedly from Narumi/Arimatsu, seems to be a type that was pleated with the aid of a machine, the technique being called fukuzo suji shibori.  The semi-broken vertically dyed lines are as shown due to the pleated fabric having been bound by string before being vat dyed.

In good, bright condition and on good quality cotton, this length shows some ingrained creases and needle punctures from wear and from its former life as a yukata or an unlined summer kimono.

It is really handsome length of hand dyed shibori.