A Length of Stripes and Kasuri: Bold Pattern

$35.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
62" x 13 3/4", 157.5 cm x 35 cm

This is a boldly patterned length of hand woven cotton.  The design is based on warp directional wide stripes that are gold colored.  The wide stripes are composed of several other stripes, each narrow, and of blue and white color.

Interspersed between the complex, vertical stripes are feathery white blocks of kasuri or ikat.  These white elements are staggered evenly between the gold colored stripes are in a nice color contrast to the inky blue ground.

This length of cotton was taken from a larger piece, a futon cover, and is very lovely in its simple, straightforward design.

A very good piece of old hand woven cotton in good, worn condition.

A Length of Stripes and Kasuri: Bold Pattern