A Length of Striped Kasuri Cotton: Waterfall and Arrow Feathers

$80.00 USD

early twentieth century
59" x 13", 149.75 cm x 33 cm

This is a good looking length of cotton that shows gradient stripes on the left side and kasuri designs on the right.

The stripes shown on this length are the type that are an allusion to waterfalls; the brushy/indistinct kasuri designs on the right hand side are probably meant to depict arrow feathers, a common design motif in Japan.

The length has been lightly starched as is sometimes the case with old textiles and the condition overall is good for its age.

There are three patches of dark cotton cloth which are applied to the right hand side of the length, adding a bit of  visual contrast to the striped portion.

This is an interestingly designed length of old striped kasuri cotton.