A Length of Striped Kasuri Cloth: Well Cover Motif

$50.00 USD

early twentieth century
59 1/2" x 13 3/4", 151 cm x 35 cm

This is a length of lightly starched cotton that shows a good design of vertical stripes, white "spacers", and igeta or the traditional well cover motif that looks like a tic tac toe design. These spacers and igeta designs are rendered in the kasuri or ikat technique.

The indigo dyed cotton is inky dark; the woven stripes are of a coral color which has been made a bit murky by the blue weft yarns that intersect it. The igeta and the spacers, too, are slightly blueish in tone, perhaps from offset from the indigo dye.

This length was destined to become either a futon cover or a yogi--a traditional, over-sized kimono-shaped duvet.

Please note the small, short fibers of cotton on the surface of the cloth which appear rather prominent in photographs are barely noticeable in person. Much effort was taken to remove them but this is about as good as it gets.