A Length of Striped Cotton: Two Wonderful Patches

$65.00 USD

early twentieth century
68" x 13 1/2", 173 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of woven striped cotton whose design is interesting. It is based on fifths, widthwise, the far left fifth of the pattern differs in design from the four right hand ones which are identical to each other.

This is an interesting distinguishing feature of this cloth which might not be noticeable at first glance.

But what really makes this cloth interesting are the two wonderful, oval-shaped mends to the center of the cloth which are shown in detail on the lead photo here. The slight interruption caused by these two mends and how it affects the flow of the woven stripes is visually delightful as is very obvious.

There is one small hole to the top of the length and otherwise the length is in good, used condition--and it is very good looking.