A Length of Stenciled Hemp or Ramie Cloth: Bats on a Summer Futon Cover Panel

$64.00 USD

**reduced from $80.00**
early to mid twentieth
52" x 13", 132 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of lightweight hemp or ramie cloth that was no doubt used for a summer futon cover.

The charming repeat pattern was stenciled onto to the cloth: the dye was most likely applied directly to the cloth through a stencil rather than being resist dyed.

The pattern is of bats which are rendered in a faux shibori style set against a background of regularly spaced diamond flowers. The bat image, of course, is a desirable one and in Japanese the bat is considered propitious since it indicates a wish for happiness. 

In used condition this length shows a few tiny holes some of which are shown in the detail photos here, still it is a lovely and translucent piece of old asa or bast fiber cloth.

**The color of the dye is not fixed so it is advisable not to wash this length for fear of the color running or staining the undyed areas.