A Length of Stenciled Cotton: Elaborate Interlocking Circles Motif

$68.00 USD

**reduced from $85.00**
early twentieth century
34" x 12 3/4", 86.25 cm x 32.5 cm

On this stenciled cotton cloth the predominate design motif is the interlocking circles or shippo tsunagi, a popular design element in Japanese textiles.

Counter to these curved, or elliptical forms is a background of interlocking diamond shapes, at the center of the point of intersection of these diagonal lines is a small "diamond flower" or hishibana.

The color tones are muted and are a brownish tone for the pattern and a faded rust color for the flowers. The light colored background is due to undyed cotton which seems to be hand spun and hand woven.

A very nice length of old cloth with a delicate yet insistent overall design.